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Outline of ISL


The Ohara Memorial Institute for Science of Labour (ISL) was founded in 1921 in Kurashiki, about 700 km west of Tokyo, by Mr. Magosaburo Ohara, President of the Kurashiki Textile Company. It has since been active with its unique applied research activities addressing workplace and working life issues. With ...more

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  • Characteristics of the Institute's activity
  • Organization of the Institute

Research Activities


The Institute is characterized by the multidisciplinary nature of its research work and its close relation with industry. As major part of the research, a number of field studies and experiments are carried out ...more

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  • Better job design and improving work and safety systems
  • Improving the quality of working life in changing employment situations

International Cooperation


International research collaboration is developing in the form of fellowship training and joint research. Counterpart institutions include Mahidol University and occupational health centres in Thailand, National University of Malaysia, Cantho Province in Vietnam, Beijing Occupational Health Institute in China, Ministry of Labour and Employment in the Philippines and others. Joint research projects are aimed at practical health risk assessment and action training for ergonomic workplace improvements. As part of its training programmes, ... more